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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you cabinets painted?

No, we supply them unfinished so that you can paint, wax, oil, stain or varnish them. For the best paint finish kitchens should always be painted after installation. You will find that all the top kitchen makers like Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson do this. Be wary of any company who sells pre-painted kitchens; you cannot see what they have covered up and you will probably have to repaint after installation anyway where cabinets have been joined for example. You may find it hard to match the paint colour as paint is made in batches. Also be aware of anyone who paints the insides of the cabinets, especially the drawers, as they will become scratched very quickly. Many of our customers paint their own kitchen, but local painters are always available if you need someone else to do it for you.

What are your cabinets made of?

Usually a mix of solid wood and real wood veneer. You can see the various specifications on our Price List and Downloads page.


Do you install the kitchen?

No, we are supply only. Some customers save money by installing the kitchen themselves as the cabinets are supplied fully built with doors, drawers and all internals like bins fully installed. Depending on where you live we may be able to suggest a fitter, but if not, you will be able to find fitters locally. Nearly all fitters are self employed – even those who work for companies like John Lewis and B&Q, and some won’t be registered for VAT, thus further reducing costs.

Are your cabinets supplied flat-pack?

No, they are supplied fully built.





Do you offer a design service?

Yes, all of our customers receive a free design (CAD) once they have paid the full deposit. This is created in conjunction with our customers using the latest technology.

We also have an option for those who would prefer a home visit and design, using a freelance Designer, although he will charge our customers for his service.

I have a plan from another kitchen company, can you use it to quote?

Yes, please send it to us at:

When do I have to pay?

A £350 deposit secures your manufacturing and delivery slot subject to availability and our terms and conditions. An additional £650, 12 weeks before delivery, prior to the start of the design process and the final balance in cleared funds, 4 weeks before delivery.

The deposit can be paid by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

No delivery will be made without cleared funds.

Please note that to protect our employees, we do not accept cash in the showrooms.

Do you accept American Express?


Do your drawers have runners?

Yes, in common with some very expensive kitchen companies we use top quality soft close runners. The runners have soft close as standard, and are hidden under the drawer with a quick release mechanism for removing the drawer for cleaning. They also have a massive 40kg weight limit. Finally, the runners are easy to adjust if necessary during installation.

Do your base cabinets have adjustable feet?


Do your base cabinets have a service recess at the back?

Yes, normally 50mm but as your cabinets are made to measure you can have any service recess you need (min 20mm) and the service recess can vary from cabinet to cabinet.

What height are your base cabinets?

Our standard is 870mm, in keeping with industry standards and we recommend that you keep to this as far as possible, to prevent potential problems with appliance sizes and property resale. We can make some base cabinets at any height between 400mm and 900mm, for occasions where different heights cannot be avoided.

What depth are your base cabinets?

Standard is 600mm, but as your cabinets are made to measure you can have any depth within our min and max limits.

Can you accommodate cut outs for pillars/pipes/etc?

Yes, just let us have the dimensions of the cut out required.

Do your base cabinets come with a shelf?

Yes, most base cabinets with doors come with 1 shelf and adjustable shelf holes.

What height is a Planted plinth?


How are your drawers made?

Our drawers are made of 6 separate pieces. 4 pieces make up the solid wood drawer box, and all of our drawer boxes are made by using traditional dovetail joints.

The drawers are mounted on top quality soft close runners, and these runners are hidden underneath the drawer. The runners have quick release clips so the drawer can be removed for cleaning etc. The drawer runners also have a massive 40kg weight limit and come with soft close as standard.

Do your cupboards have a recess underneath for lighting?

Yes, there is a 20mm recess underneath for lighting. We can also supply separate 40mm light pelmet if needed.

Do your spice drawers have runners?


What height are your wall cupboards?

Any height you need subject to ou minimum and maximum dimensions. As a guide, small cupboards are usually 575mm, medium height cupboards are usually 720mm, and big cupboards are usually 900mm but we can make yours taller or shorter to suit.

Why do your cupboards have a 20mm recess at the back?

So that the edges can be scribed to an uneven wall.

What depth are your wall cupboards?

Our standard is 350mm, but as your cupboards are made to measure, you can have any depth you need right up to 450mm.

How does your appliance door fit onto my dishwasher door?

Your dishwasher will come with a fixing kit.

Do you make a housing for an integrated dishwasher?

Your integrated dishwasher will sit on the floor and so doesn’t need a housing. However, we make a door with its own cabinet front frame to fix to the dishwasher so that it matches the rest of the kitchen.


Can you build around my American style fridge freezer?

Yes. Please see our gallery for some examples.

For the sides, you have a choice of tall end panels (PP022) at 40mm wide, tall posts (PP015/16/17) at 90mm wide, or tall larders with either chrome pull out mechanisms or adjustable shelves.

The narrowest pull-out larder is 400mm wide.

Another alternative is a single column width wine rack. These are 200mm wide.

Above the fridge freezer and between your choice of side panel, post, rack or larder, you can choose a fridge top box (WALL007).

Alternatively, you can have a wine rack (WALL010), or an open shelf unit (WALL015).

Can I put a fridge freezer against a wall?

Be careful that you leave enough space to open the door fully as the American style fridge freezer doors can be quite thick and if you don’t leave enough room to open the door fully you may not be able to remove shelves and drawers for cleaning, etc.

Can you make a housing for an integrated fridge freezer?

Yes. We can make a housing for most models of integrated fridge freezer.

The minimum height for a fridge freezer housing is 2005mm including plinth and cornice. You can have it higher if you have the ceiling height to stand it up. We make use of the extra height by putting a shelf above the fridge freezer (behind our top door.)

You will need to allow 680mm width, even if your model is narrower.

The item code is COOL001.

Can you “hide” a freestanding microwave?

Yes. We can make a larder top without a base (LARDTOP003, LARDTOP008, LARDTOP014); so that when you open the doors the microwave is sitting on the worktop ready to be used and you can close the larder doors when its not in use. You need to check your Microwave’s instructions regarding air circulation, etc

Can you make an oven housing?

Yes, you can have a single oven under the worktop, this is an OVEN001, a wide single oven housing is OVEN002, or 2 single ovens side by side is an OVEN003.

For a double oven under the worktop, you don’t need a housing as the larger ones sit on the floor, and the smaller ones sit on brackets attached to the cabinet each side.

You can also have mid height oven housings for a single built in oven, a microwave, coffee machine or steam oven.

We can supply tall oven housings for just about any combination of oven, microwave, coffee machine, warming drawer, etc.

The oven housings are supplied at 680mm wide. This will fit all standard integrated appliances and allow for our 40mm frame each side.

Can I have my microwave in a wall unit? Yes, if its an integrated microwave built specifically to go into a wall cupboard. They tend to be shallower so that they fit into a standard 350mm deep kitchen wall unit. This makes them smaller overall and fairly basic. The microwave housing for a wall unit will be 680mm wide and will fit the larger standard size of wall microwave. We no longer make the housings for the smaller size as these tend to be too small and too basic.

Can my tall oven housing go right up to the ceiling?

No, because you won’t be able to stand the cabinet up in the kitchen. (the diagonal measurement as you stand it up corner to
corner is more than the actual height).

What make of oven do I have to buy to fit your housing?

Most integrated appliances are made with the same dimensions, and so we build our cabinets to fit them, but we will check with you before we build your kitchen.

Can I have a mid-height oven cabinet?

You can have a mid height oven housings for a single built in oven, a microwave, coffee machine or steam oven.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is usually by our own truck, with our own 2 man delivery team. We offer a choice of 2 types of delivery:

Yellow Delivery Areas:

Standard Delivery. This is £350 to yellow areas of the map. For other destinations a quote will be provided. You will be given an approx. date when we confirm the order. To enable us to charge these low amounts, we need to deliver 2 or 3 kitchens at a time. Because we are combining 2 or 3 deliveries, you cannot choose the day or time of delivery. If you need this facility please see our enhanced delivery below. If your kitchen needs to be delivered on its own because of site access restrictions; (ie; our usual truck is too big to get to your property to unload) you will be charged as per the enhanced delivery service below.

Enhanced Delivery. This is £495 to the yellow areas of the map. For other destinations a quote will be provided. You will be given an approx date when we confirm the order. We will then call you before delivery to agree a date and an am or pm slot. This option gives you more flexibility to decide the delivery date and an am or pm time slot (subject to availability).

Red Delivery Areas:

Extended Delivery Area. We have fewer deliveries to these areas and so usually cannot combine deliveries. This means we will quote you for delivery based on your distance from our Workshop.


Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to the whole of the mainland UK. Please contact us for details of deliveries to France, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

Will I have to help unload?

No, we always have our own experienced 2 man delivery team

Will your truck get down my narrow lane?

As a guide, our normal delivery truck is a large luton van size, if you need a smaller truck/van, then our enhanced delivery terms will apply.

Do you deliver to my second floor flat?

Due to insurance restrictions we are only able to deliver to the ground floor.

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