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Our Story


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Our New Brand Name

When we started our business nearly 20 years ago, “Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch” seemed like a great name. It said what we did and where we were: perfect for the Yellow Pages age. When we went nationwide with our first website, the name “” was just right for our supply-only bespoke kitchens that were a fraction of the cost of similar kitchens from traditional makers.

However, when you look for comments about us on the net, we are variously referred to as: Handmade Kitchens, Handmade Kitchens Christchurch, Handmade Kitchens Direct, HMK, HMD, HMKOC and a few more. This is really confusing for new customers.Secondly, over the years there have been more and more companies trying to copy what we do; using similar domain names to confuse potential customers and even copying our item range numbers. So, we have decided to brand our kitchens using our surnames – “Davey & Alger”. We have registered this as our trademark, and you will begin to see it in our showrooms and on our paperwork during the next few months.

Russ & Julie. November 2019

About Us


We started Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch in 2001, with just the two of us doing everything. As we grew, we tried to ensure that we focused on the things that we enjoyed when we started. That is: giving the best service we can, offering great quality and great value for money.


Our “What Our Customers Say” and “Top 50 Gallery” web pages, started all those years ago form a fantastic record of what we and our customers have achieved together.

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We are proud that so many of our customers are referred by previous customers, whether friends, family or work colleagues. We also have many customers that have bought 2, 3 or even 4 kitchens, as they have moved house over the years.

Last year a customer told us that half of the members of her book club now have our kitchens!

Our Showrooms


Our showroom team are all very experienced and unlike most kitchen showroom people, they are not on commission. Their sole aim is helping you get the kitchen you want, not selling you as many cabinets as possible. When you contact us, you’ll usually deal with the same person each time you call so you’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you. We will go out of our way to help you get exactly what you want and our advice is free.

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Your kitchen will be delivered ready to fit and paint. This is really important as with Smallbone, Mark Wilkinson and most other top end companies we recommend that painting is always carried out after fitting, as this will ensure the best possible finish. Some companies paint before delivery but they usually give customers a “touch up kit’ to use after installation! Imagine trying to match a professional spray finish with a small brush, and you will see why we recommend painting after installation.  

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Your Kitchen, Your Way


We believe that what makes us unique is the way we combine the following:

  • Attention to detail and quality
  • A range of over 200 cabinets most in any height, width or depth (subject to our min and max dimension limits)
  • Many bespoke options
  • Mix and match door styles, drawer styles, plinth and cornice.
  • Low prices which means you can get a national magazine quality, handmade kitchen for even less than a Magnet kitchen, during our sale.

We believe that no other company offers such a complete and affordable package.

Please take your time looking through this website. You will find it contains a lot more information than many others. This is deliberate, as we think having a bespoke kitchen made especially for you, will be more enjoyable the more you know about the process and the more you know about our company.


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